The Value of Gold

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sometimes our hobbies can give us considerable amount of money when we least expect it. My friend collects the same old coins as I have but when an old coin collector approached and offered to buy her collections she gave some. They were having some problems then because her sister needs big amount of money for her last tuition fee before she graduates. She sold it for a good amount that saved her family from thinking where will they get money from. Although she lost half of her most precious collections she will always remember that those old coins paved the way for her sister’s college graduation. Actually she didn’t know that she could raise that amount by selling her old coins. 
She’s now collecting old coins again and contemplating on buying gold coins because she realized the value of gold. She’s thinking that it may save them again in the next few years when they need immediate cash. Gold is a sure investment because it increases its value over the years which will give the collector high profit returns for his capital.


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