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>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

We associate pests commonly to residential houses but I’ve known many office establishments have been infested also of cockroaches, mosquitoes and rats. It’s actually normal to me because I’ve seen it myself when I was still an Administrative Officer and was in charge of seeing all conditions in our office. Business establishments are commonly devoid of anything that will cause infestation of pests and insects except for the volume of files in stock room. But mostly offices have their own pantry like us where employees can place their food and eat there. And when they’re not that careful in maintaining it pests will suddenly invade it also because of garbage and the smell of food that was eaten there. 

I used to impose good cleaning habit when they use the pantry but some were just lazy to clean their area which made our kitchen area susceptible to cockroaches and rats which were so embarrassing to whoever visits the pantry. The spray they used was not enough to drive them away and I’m thinking that they should have it treated by pest control experts like Bulls Eye Pest Control, a Houston pest control which provides termite control, fire ant control, flea control and bee control services not only to residential houses but to commercial clients as well. After the treatment they will see to it that pests will never come back. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the price as they provide quality service at affordable rates.


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