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>> Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’ve been on my most hectic schedule last week and until now I can feel the stress, excitement and everything that came with my kid’s school competition and activities. It’s like I’m back to my world where every day is spent on my usual offline and online tasks. It’s so exciting to be where your child is on every competition that she joins but it’s also relaxing to be in your good old routine. Now I’m into making myself healthy with my healthy meals and exercise regimen. I didn’t enroll into any aerobics or gym workout class but I just take it from online link. 

After the kids went to school and I’m free with my hours I see to it that I take my exercise for 30-45 minutes a day and when I’m finished I try to relax and catch my breath in our patio where I can breathe the fresh air from the garden. It’s always been my relaxing corner of the house where I can eat, read, chat or just relax my feet at the chaise lounge. Since it’s my favorite place aside from the kitchen I want the furniture to last so I’m thinking of having some nice Outdoor Furniture Covers to protect it from too much exposure to heat which can robbed them of their good finish and made. 

Whenever we stay at the patio we usually stay awhile enough to have some snacks and board games because the whole family is fond of playing chess, word factory and scrabble. When we’re inside the house and the weather got windy and rainy I wish that I have Patio Chair Covers so we can go back there anytime without the mess of rain and winds on the chairs. It’s also good to have a couple of Patio Table Covers so we can use the table in its original beauty anytime because the covers can protect them from easy tear and wear.

I found that I can have all these protection from Empire patio covers with their perfect combination of style and protection for all types of outdoor patio furniture such as chaise lounge, patio chair, patio table, patio furniture, BBQ & grill, fire pit and heater and many other outdoor furniture. Best of all their products come in manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year for classic material and 2 years for signature material. All of these at discounted prices.


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