Finding the Right Time to Work

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

I find it hard to work on long hours now as I’ve been loaded with offline tasks that need a lot of supervision. I also need to spend sometime with the kids as after this month the school will start and I will not be able to be with them the whole day. I’m just happy that my online work is flexible enough to be scheduled on my own plan. I can work in the morning, afternoon or in the evening whatever is convenient and applicable for my busy schedule.

Well now I find it comfortable working in the afternoon even if the hours seem to invite me to have siesta or afternoon nap. I’d like to work while almost every one is sleeping and resting because that’s the time that my mind works best. In the morning I have to cook, clean up and do some errands and at night I have to make sure that my kids had their dinner and prepared for sleeping before I can even begin to do my online tasks. I still have to prepare for DH’s dinner late at night when he arrives. Oh well sometimes it makes me so sleepy just when I’m about to write so I do bulk of my post in the afternoon. Just reminding myself always not to doze off lol!


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