Shopping for School Plans

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

We’re planning to shop for the kids’ school things at the end of this month after the busy schedule so we can shop at our most convenient time. It’s not easy to shop for three kids at one time but I’ve already bought them school shoes at the start of summer vacation so I will not so tired when I shop at our usual department store. It’s easier to look for school bags because we don’t have to look for sizes unlike shoes and uniforms where you fit the items to your kids. It’s also the same with shopping for blouses, dress, skirts and lingerie that you have the best fitting because it will not look good.

Anyway my mind is far from that now as I don’t want to shop for myself. This month will only be for my dear little and not so little kids. My focus and attention is only for their schooling and their needs. Well after the school opening is over maybe I can shop for some little nice things for myself.


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