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>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Have you ever been in a team where there is only one goal? The goal is to finish whatever work or project is assigned to the team. Well I’ve been to that many times but the best I can say was when I was with the Technical Proposal team of DSI. We’re always working for certain bidded projects and through all the efforts, overnights and hard work we’re all set to one goal- and that is to finish the proposal before the submission time.

Even before we begin with the initial phase of doing proposal our minds were set to our due date that no matter how hard the project is we’re going to deliver it in good quality and on time. We can’t do it alone and we need the help of every member of our team. Our boss heads the company, our Vice President looked over the rest of the team, I headed the encoders and graphic artist, supervise the other members who were responsible for photocopying, binding, notarization and delivery. In our team there are no big or small positions because every one is important. We can’t finish it perfectly without the full cooperation of the team.

Well the pressure is so strong then and at times we felt like giving up especially on 3 consecutive sleepless nights where mind seems to wander due to tension, physical tiredness and lack of sleep. But when we have submitted our finished project and won the bid after several days we feel like achievers. If not for the whole team and for the hands that worked on the project our work will not be finished on time.


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