Why I Don’t Want to Drive

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

I’ve been asked many times by my friends why I don’t want to learn how to drive and I always answer them with a shrug and a wink which means I really don’t want to. Why? Because I love to travel and when I’m traveling I like thinking about my business plans and I write also. If I’m driving I won’t be able to do it because driving demands concentration on the road. Another reason is I feel tired when I see my hubby driving through the traffic jam. When I’m alone and I’m caught up in a traffic I just sit at the passenger vehicle and do nothing but if I’m the driver I’ll have to be alert on the road. In short traveling for me is like resting your body and mind from everyday worries and anxieties. It gives me a pleasure of enjoying the ride and making the most of the moment to think and plan.

Well there are other reasons but I don’t close my mind to the opportunity of driving but I’ll just wait for the time that I’ll be looking forward to this new experience. Anyway I love seeing beautiful cars and nice accessories and find it worthwhile to look at different ideas car owners have for their cars. I heard about custom bumper stickers and parking permits online. Yes you can have your own customized permit by designing your own tags for parking. You can choose from the varied designs they have at mavericklabel.com.

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