Snack on a Lazy Afternoon

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

Its past lunchtime now and my eyes were slowly drooping down, today is a holiday because it’s the end of the Ramadan holiday and all my kids and sister are all here with us. I’m thinking about what snack to have now and was having an imaginary inventory of the bread in the nearest bakeshop in our area.

Well they have everything you would ask for, all flavors of cakes, egg pies, ensaymada, pianono, mamon, custard cakes, crinkles and many others. I decided on ensaymada and some loaf breads and since it’s raining this time I’m going to have coffee with it. It’s my second coffee today and it’ll be my last. I’m having a counter on my intake and I’m serious on having a maximum of two cups only per day. Just can’t resist having it on such a cold, rainy and silent afternoon, it’s nice to cuddle up too! I’ll do it when I finished my work.


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