A Good Cleanser!

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

I happened to meet an old friend of mine and we’re both surprised why we’ve grown bigger than before. She’s my school friend and the last time we saw each other several years ago was when I was still single. We had a great time remembering the past period of our school days and I shared to her what I’m doing now to somehow stop gaining weight. I’m having fresh pineapples, papaya and banana as my everyday fruit intake every afternoon. It helps my fiber supply and prevents me from gaining more pounds and hopefully lessens my fat level.

Actually it’s not just the issue of being slimmer but that of being healthy. I’ve read about colon cleanse reviews and I learned that our body needs a good cleanser to get rid of bad toxins and fatty acids. A good cleansing diet is a must for our colon to be clean and healthy. It will also prevent us from having colon cancer which is slowly entering the list of most common deadly sickness. As I can’t start a rigid colon cleansing treatment for now I think eating fruits can help also as it has many benefits of cleansing our body’s bad toxins.


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