Benefits of Mobile Employees

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

What really does it take to make the employees stay long in the company? Of course the answer to that is a good company that thinks about the welfare of employees. Some companies now gives their hired employee’s contractual positions only to save costs on other benefits that will be given when the employees reached their regular appointment. In this case the employees will just finish the contract period and stop working then they will be called again to work as contractual for a different or same project. This way the person will not reach the required continuous service that will qualify them for a regular position and the benefits that go with it.

Not all companies are like these as my previous job assigns newly hired employees as probationary staff. After six months of good performance they will be hired for a regular appointment and can avail of the company’s benefits. Speaking of benefits I remember my company was giving Car Allowance for the managers and the account managers who are handling clients and their accounts. They use their cars and at the send of the month they will reimburse their vehicle’s gasoline expenses. I was directly involve with the computation as I look into their reimbursement papers and check their claims.

During those days we have few account managers only who go out everyday for client’s call and visit. If there are many mobile employees in the company they need the services of Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. to make computations easy because they offer customization of vehicle reimbursement of employees in the company. Computations will be based on mileage history, the current price of gasoline, reimbursements rates allowed and many things to be considered. It’s an advantage for the employer as they will not anymore issue cars to mobile employees; they will only provide car allowances for their personal cars used in their work. That’s benefits for the employees and lots of savings for the employer.


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