Limitations on My Coffee

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

I’m having some limitations on drinking coffee as I’m returning to my old habit of drinking too much coffee. It’s not helping me to get rid of excess pounds on the contrary it’s adding up to my intake of sugar and milk. Yes I’m taking my coffee with milk because I love the taste of milk on coffee better than non-dairy creamer. Not that I don’t put creamer on my coffee as when I’m outside my home I take 3-in-1 coffee. You see I really love coffee on different flavors and creamers.

I realized suddenly that my discipline is running ahead of me as I can’t control it so I started drinking herbal tea instead to help my digestion and fight obesity. It’s a natural tea and known to have bitter gourd on it. There are many diet products available in the market but I know better than to grab any product that I came upon online. It’s best to read reviews like what I saw in and to consult the chosen product with your doctor. Diet products should be used with special advice and consent. They should know what type would suit you best.


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