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>> Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow I never thought that being a Mom can be so busy that it surpassed my work when I’m still in the office. Yes I’m just referring on my kids’ school activities which are taking so much of my time. I’m happy that I can assist and concentrate on them now. They have so many activities including that inter-school academic competition which sometimes need to give some time dedication. I even went with Gen last Friday on Math Camp and I had a great time with few friends there, also the parents of Gen’s classmates. It’s a different feeling that I felt last Friday, I somehow thanked that I’ve already resigned from my office job or else my kids wouldn’t be so active now. I felt that they gained strength from knowing that I’m always there for them whenever and wherever unlike when I was working away from home that my time is only limited.

As their periodicals is also approaching fast we really have a very hectic schedule and I’m longing for next week when I can rest from too much school activities and concentrate for awhile on writing inspirational posts on my sites. I’m also hoping for some nice and relaxing vacation on a place by the beach like what I saw on Outer Banks rentals vacation packages. It really excites me seeing those accommodations they have which provides a nice vacation rental where you can enjoy the beach, savor the convenience of a rental homes and cottages that will make you relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the beautiful scenic view of dunes and ocean. What a lovely thought!


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