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>> Monday, August 10, 2009

As I’m working at home now I don’t have much exposure to direct sunlight except for the times that I’m going to school to check on my kids’ activities. When I was working in the office with nine to six working schedule I was always exposed to sunlight and that gives my skin a rather dry look. I’m blessed with a skin that’s not prone to pimples but not with sunlight because we all know the earth’s ozone layer was heavily damaged making the UV rays of sun very dangerous to skin.

Too much exposure to sun can gives us wrinkles that can make us look older than our real age that’s why we should be careful with our skin and better yet we should use the best wrinkle cream perfect and suited to our skin. I’m glad that my godmother gave me her best moisturizer cream which she brought along when she went home from NJ, it makes my skin soft and supple. Actually it’s originally for my Mom because it’s also an anti-aging cream but she later gave it to me and my sister when Mom didn’t want to use it, lucky for us!


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