Inter-School Journalism Competition

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Early in the morning both my daughters joined the team that will compete in an inter-school Journalism contest, it actually started yesterday but the real competition is only today. I didn’t go with them as it’s a whole day affair and Josh will be alone with my Mom the whole day and he needs to review for his last day of examination tomorrow. Anyway I taught my kids on the basic of writing a good post with some relevance to journalism.

Ruth just joined the Filipino journalism club last Saturday and she was picked to join the group yesterday. Actually I just learned it in the afternoon when I visited their school. They had a late notification that Filipino journalism will be competed together with English. I can feel the rush preparation of school teachers assigned to head and manage the team. It’s hard to work like that especially if you’re dealing with kids. The other English journalism competition is a little bit prepared as Gen has been joining journalism classes for one month now on a twice in a week schedule. Hope the school will meet a good competition and bring home awards or ranks at the least. Good luck to the whole team!


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