Preferring Musical Hobbies than Online Games

>> Friday, May 20, 2016

With all the online activities of the youth these days it’s a refreshing sight to see some who choose to play musical instruments in their free time. Since online games and social sites became rampant not only in malls but in homes as well parents should be vigilant in monitoring their kids’ activities. It’s not healthy to let our kids develop a hobby that relies on the web so it’s best to encourage them to play the usual games we do when we were kids, playing on the street is good also if the place is safe or in the park. If it’s not safe outdoor kids can play board games in the convenience of our homes or learn to play music with whatever instruments they want to play with. 

My kids started with summer music school learning only the basic then as years passed by they learned to practice by them and honed their skills progressively. Now they’re often browsing on online music store for nice instruments and accessories like tascam interface where they get some inspirations. They’re also saving for some of their wished accessories with my help of course. It’s nice to see kids with flair for music and other recreational things than spending all their time on the net.


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