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>> Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There are advantages and disadvantages of working in the real office compared to working at home only. I’m not much of an employee who rant about hardship at work or difficulties with dealing with office mates because I always bear in my mind that all kinds of work has its own problems and they’re just the same in some ways. With regards to office mates I always get along fine because I can work with various moods of people and as long as I can do my work well enough I’m fine.

The only thing that I find hard is my travel to office because it really consumes all my energy especially if it’s traffic and hard to secure transpo vehicle. Working at home give you the benefit of convenient working without the hassle of traveling and at the same time you can take care of your family while you’re working at home. It’s only the stability of income that I’m thinking about which is the reason why I returned to corporate office. Now that my online work is not on the peak I’m thankful that I have another source of income to spend for the family’s needs. With the combination of my online and offline income we got through expenses just fine.


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