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>> Thursday, April 28, 2016

We’ve already started our new project first week of the month and even though it’s only starting we’re already busy. My hands are full now with my two soon to finish projects, one other project and the new one. Sometimes I get some headache on those because I have to answer and solve the requirements of our clients even though it’s not my job and my field of expertise. If there’s one thing that I learned through my 3 years of coming back to my old company it’s learning everything I can to do what can’t be done by busy engineers. I studied engineering myself but I’m not into civil. I’m more well-versed in computers and telecommunications but now I learned to do highway design and many other reports. Well that’s a plus I may say but still it’s hard sometimes. 

Maybe that’s the real picture of life- you study one thing but you work on another thing and you master on some other things. I remember my father when I was young and I was amazed at how he can be a very good administrator, municipal secretary, speech writer of the town’s Mayor, contract expert, outstanding tailor, creative carpenter and a music enthusiast also. He finished a Law degree and he’s a very good businessman. He’s a jack of all trade and as I grow older I’m getting some of his ‘trade’ skills and talents as per my Mom’s observation. 

Anyway as to his being a music enthusiast he didn’t enrolled in any music school. He just bought instruments like a grand piano in his younger days and learned to play on his own. He would also love to learn woodwind & brasswind instruments at that time but he has a job in public service and a business to spend his time. Well if he’s still living now he would be happy and proud that his grandkids have flair and talents in playing musical instruments. He would love listening how Gen plays the piano and guitar. Music runs strong in our blood and my kids are lucky that they inherit the talents. Hope they can use it in playing musical instruments in our church soon.


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