Package Someone Else’s Services as Your Own

>> Thursday, February 13, 2014

You and your company want to add services to help garner more customers and to make the experience of dealing with your company even more rewarding for your current customers. You know that by adding services that your current customers need, you will be able to increase your revenues because it is easier to keep old customers than it is to get new ones. Unfortunately, adding services means creating structures, hiring new people, and investing time and resources that you just do not have. That is where white label concierge comes into play. 

White Label 

The white label is something that grocery stores use to make their own brands of foods. Safeway, Meijer, and other stores do not actually have their own green bean factories that can beans. Instead, there is a factory that cans the beans and issues them under a blank or white label. That label is branded with the store’s logo and name and sold as a product of that store. There could be several different brands of green beans on the shelves that come from the same place but cost different amounts just because of the label it is wrapped in. The important thing to note is that someone else is canning the beans. 

Someone Else’s Services 

You could do the same thing with white label concierge services. You package the services with your brand while farming out the actual work for the services. This will give your customers the opportunity to get things that they would normally be unable to find while maintaining your reputation as a premiere service provider. The difference is that instead of selling a canned good that someone else has canned, you are providing the advertising and your name to a service that someone else is providing. That makes it easy for you to expand your services and to expand your bottom line with a minimal investment. It also makes it easy for your customers to get what they want while making it easier for the third party company to find customers. Think of it like retail for the service world.


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