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>> Saturday, February 1, 2014

I felt lazy going to work today and wished that the holiday yesterday would extend a day. Anyway that’s a common feeling when everyone else is having a long weekend and you’re not. I just hope that I’ll get a job without a Saturday again to enjoy more of my family’s time. I greatly missed bonding moments during weekend where I will cook special dish for them and enjoy just chatting the afternoon away. Oh well the only consolation is that we’re only working until 12 noon and if there are no additional tasks from the boss we can go home after lunch. 

Anyway in my previous work I need a lot of canvassing to make when there’s a need for equipment, computers, gadgets and sometimes accessories like beyerdynamic headphones or other music equipment when we have to join the trade fair. Since the company is such a small one I do some multitasking most of the times but I don’t mind because my load is just light and my time is just enough for my tasks. I also enjoy searching and purchasing musical and computer accessories so I get to enjoy my job. I love music and computers and searching for them is not tasking but enjoyable.


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