Considerations in Managing Business and Your Job

>> Monday, February 17, 2014

Managing a business is quite hard especially at the start up because you have to consider several factors to ensure that your business will succeed. You have to make a feasibility study to know if it will work out and make profit. Then you have to consider your financial budget and the kind of business you want to build because it should be managed by someone who knows the ins and outs so if you don’t have the expertise on the business you want you can hire someone who can give you a hand on that. After these considerations you can now think of manpower of staff that will run the business and work for its success. 

Every business has its high and peak moments and you should be able to prepare for it. You must give it a 3-year period to adjust and should not expect high profit in the first years. I’ve been employed in various companies with different businesses and I can say the management differs only slightly and when you’ve been to one you’ll adjust easily to another. I just don’t know if I’ll cope up easily with herioin rehabilitation business or other companies in the medical field because I’m more comfortable with Engineering and Telecommunications field as my course is inclined with it. 

Well that shouldn’t be too hard either as I learned from 25 years of employment that every job and business can be learned and loved. You just have to be patient and should practice great amount of perseverance. Whether you’re the owner, the manager or the rank and file employee you should give your best shot for the company’s success. In the end every effort will be rewarded.


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