What Devices Make Up The Current Samsung Galaxy Series?

>> Thursday, August 8, 2013

The current Samsung Galaxy series includes a wide range of high-quality smartphones and tablets. Here's a look at the current line-up and some of the key features of each device.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This smooth-looking phone utilizes S Beam, which helps users 'beam' pictures, videos more simply by holding it up to another S III phone. It also features Samsung Link, which means users can send content to their Samsung Smart Television. This phone uses motion gestures and S Voice, which does all the hard work for you. The Samsung Galaxy S III is available in a range of colours, which offers something for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This latest edition of the Samsung Galaxy S features all the great aspects of the S III, including its sleek design which is very similar to its predecessor. It also includes a five-inch screen and a 13-megapixel camera. One of the most exciting aspects is the touch-free screen which allows the user to gesture to it to perform actions. Air Gesture, Smart Screen and Air View all allow users to make calls and look at content without even touching the screen. This phone is very light yet has a powerful processor. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is so popular, in fact, that many fans have chosen to sell their Samsung ToccoLite phones in order to fund their Galaxy purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

This device offers the best aspects of both a smartphone and a tablet and is thought to represent the future of these two combined devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note II uses an intuitive stylus and allows users to edit documents and watch films, for example, at the same time because of its fast processor and advanced multitasking.

Galaxy Note 8

The eight-inch screen Note is marketed as the perfect product between the Note II and the Note 2 10.1. The Galaxy Note uses the S pen and is aimed at 'creative' users who want to be able to jot down ideas and pictures. It's perfect for those who lament the passing of paper and pen! The Galaxy Note 8 offers a great e-reader too and it also features multi-tasking, allowing the user to perform more than one task at a time.

Galaxy Note 2 10.1

The Galaxy Note 210.1 is the Samsung's flagship tablet and unlike its competitor it boasts a USB port and many other unique features. This device has an impressive processor and advanced multitasking. The large high-definition screen makes watching TV, film or home videos highly enjoyable and users can also use the device to just make calls. Both the Note 8 and the Note 10.1 come with a choice of 3G for an internet connection anywhere, as with a mobile phone, or Wi-Fi for when users find themselves in a suitable hotspot.

Samsung Galaxy models have proved wildly popular with mobile and tablet buyers. All of their devices run on the Android operating system and are loved for their sleek design and many innovations. They are also competitively priced when compared to rival products from companies such as Apple.


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