Congress Opposes Higher Education – How about You?

>> Thursday, August 8, 2013

With Congress suggesting that college students should be responsible for paying off the deficit through increased interest rates on subsidized Stafford Loans, there is a question as to how valuable actual education is. It seems as if the government is either saying that education is not important or that education should only be for those who can afford it. Whether or not education is worth it may depend on what you believe comes with education and what education should be for. It is here that some people get confused. 

Education Should Raise the Poor

For years, the poor have been told that if they just had the right education, they could get out of the poverty cycle. It is quite possible that Congress has recognized the fallacy of this argument as the jobs that have been created in the economy over the last 15 years are among the three lowest paying sectors in America. People with college degrees have a hard time getting these jobs because they are over qualified. Even if they do get a job in one of these sectors, it doesn’t pay for the school debt that the graduate has accumulated, and it is unfulfilling. If education is to help businesses get hirable employees, education in this type of economy becomes a burden to the rich and poor alike. 

Capitalism and the Debt 

While Congress has no problem with subsidizing corporations and “job creators,” it has an issue with subsidizing students who should earn more money after school than they would have without it. Shouldn’t the idea that corporations will create jobs that will employ people who will pay income taxes carry over to students as well? Students who have a college degree will earn more than people who didn’t go to school, and thus pay more income taxes? Instead, congress seems to have said that students may or may not earn more income and should be responsible for paying off a debt that they did not create at the national level. Those who want to explore more about the business side of the arguments can click here.


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