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>> Thursday, August 8, 2013

I’ve got plenty of online tasks these days and for two weeks now I always work until after midnight like tonight which I presumed I’ll work until dawn. Why? I just find it very easy working at night without disturbances of home responsibilities and visitors coming in and out. I can work with people around me and even with television around but it’s still heavenly to work silently. I’m at my most creative mood in writing at night way past 10 in the evening especially when there’s due task for the day or the next day ahead. 

I’m just very thankful and feels so blessed that in spite of having no office job for three months now we’ve never run out of finances to sustain the family’s needs. God has been supplying all our needs and showering me with online works side by side, in fact I need to work overtime just to finish. It’s not a negative thing for me because it only means that I have more than my regular work load that I need to spend extra time working. 

Anyway I take a nap in the morning after the kids and husband went to school. By early morning after they went out it’s just me and my Mom in the house and before I begin working I rest and do what I need to do in the house before starting to work on my computer again. If I’m still tired to open my laptop I just use my phablet to run over my emails, read the forums and do my biddings. It’s really nice working at home because you’ll be able to manage your time and choose your own time schedule. It’s also more compensating because the more you work the better is your income. There are no limitations on what you’ll earn but if you’re lazy you’ll earn little.


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