Good Relaxation After Work

>> Wednesday, October 10, 2012

After a long day’s work it’s nice to relax at home and bond with the family. Work can give us so much stress sometimes either in your office tasks, bosses, office mates or your travel. The latter is my source of stress as it’s so hard to get a ride home in my place of work. I always choose FX taxi for my ride home but before I can ride I need to fall in long line. Imagine paying high fare and still need to fall in line. It’s really better to work at home but for now I don’t have a choice but continue working. I just pray and hope that next year would be a better year for online works so I can stay and work at home again. 

Anyway after a long week’s stress in work I find myself looking forward to home outdoor activities like relaxing your feet in veranda while chatting carelessly with your family or better still if you have saber infrared grills to go with your family bonding. I always associate outdoor grills with family picnic bonding because it’s really fun and enjoyable doing it with your loved ones. Last weekend we had some fun eating some of the grilled barbeque and fish on my brother’s birthday. They just cooked and grilled it on their newly built backdoor terrace.


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