Recycled Work Crafts - Tin Can Lanterns

>> Sunday, October 7, 2012

I would never have thought that those old and useless tins can look like this.  These colorful and oh so lovely tin can lanterns can be nice garden decors, lanterns or gifts to your friends without so much cost.  My kids love crafts and this can be a good pattern for them when they have free time. Their school put some time to enhance their skills in art and at times they were asked to suggest their own creative idea on what could be a good craft work.  

These tin lanterns are such good samples of helping the environment too as instead of just throwing old tin cans they can be recycled into nice looking unique lanterns. These are environment friendly and beautiful to look at lining up in your outdoor area or even indoors if your creativity would even give out some more unique ideas.  Love these colorful creations from tin cans.


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