Working Past Midnight

>> Thursday, October 11, 2012

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In the past I always prefer to stay working until past midnight that when I wake up at dawn it felt like I didn't sleep at all.  I work well at night because I'm more relaxed, no more chores, kids are at rest and sleeping and I can think and write without intermission.  Due to this it became a habit for me to do everything at night for a stress-free working time.  But this is not always favorable to me especially to my health because I've read that healthy hormones are developed from 10pm to 2am, the time that I love working.

It took a very interesting health article before I realized that I'm not doing justice for my body and health. So now if I really want to finish some online tasks I can sleep until a little past 3am and I write after waking up.  I cook at past 4am so at least I have an hour and a half to do some tasks better than sleeping until or beyond 3am because I may  be inviting health risk.  Oh well at least I can still work before 10pm while watching TV.


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