Having the Same Interest in Sports

>> Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My second daughter Gen took after my interest in joining and playing various sports. I’ve played football, volleyball, table tennis, bowling and some other sports when I was in college and still single. I became too busy when I got married and had kids so I stopped my sports. I missed it and I gained pounds because of lack of sports activities that’s why I returned to walking and badminton. That’s the least I could do with myself, I can’t fit it in my schedule and I had no choice.

Now I’m seeing myself in my daughters especially Gen who in her primary schooling represented the school and joined chess competition amidst her academic competitions. She’s a very competitive student and she always tries to achieve whatever goal she has. The other day we were talking about sports and they made me tell stories about my football sports in college. I told them that I want a fantasy football trophies then but it’s only a dream because my best sports are tennis and bowling. I’m just a middle range player in football and it’s only a hobby sports for me I never pursued playing it after school. Well obviously it runs in the blood now that they also like most of the sports I love.


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