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>> Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I was in Cyberzone yesterday searching for an External Hard Drive to store my documents and pictures. I had a good buy in one of the stores there and I was so happy that I was able to buy the best brand they have at a price lower than offered in most stores. I patted myself that I had the patience to round all the stores and canvassed all the prices before going back to the one with the best price. I wanted an affordable EHD but I don’t want a second quality brand. I was lucky to have both quality and affordability in my gadget shopping yesterday.

I also canvassed prices for netbooks as I really want Ed to have his own so he can carry it with him whenever he needs it in school. I want everything in good planning so it’s my habit to list all my wish gadgets then canvass and save money to buy all in priority lists. I buy all gadgets in my online writing income because that’s where most of my money are coming from and where I could put in extra expenses. My salary in my regular job is for our basic necessities at home so it will not be spent on any second priority list.


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