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>> Friday, April 20, 2012

There are various ways of knowing the efficiency and skills of your employees but sometimes even the most common evaluation form cannot gauge the true working capabilities of officers and staff. I’ve served as Human Resource Officer for several years and I have many observations on the employees attitude and behaviour. Employees are observed and evaluated by their immediate supervisor and salary increase will be based from the report given by superiors.

Most of the times the evaluation is accurate and speaks honestly of the attitude, skills and capabilities of employees but few times evaluation is not that fair. There are cases that evaluation is shadowed by favouritism and that report would be good if relationship between superior and staff is good. Well as suggested by our IT specialist then we can have Employee Monitoring Software to ensure that fair evaluation will be at hand. Monitoring can be a good advantage not only to employers but to employees as well because all will be monitored and observe fairly.

With the help of Employee Monitoring Software the employer should be able to control remote employees from anywhere. My Team Monitor will be able to provide their clients with employer interface and employees interface wherein both will be given access to program that will monitor their worked hours, activity index and logouts due to inactivity. The employees can set their starting hours and click whether they’re working or on break time.

My Team Monitor’s Employee Monitoring Software is programmed to increase employees productivity because it gives discipline on working hours. This is very important in work who have continuous deadline to meet and those in manufacturing services also. Generally it can be used by any employer so they watch over their employees working time habits, their efficiency and productivity without being in near proximity.


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