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>> Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working in corporate office is a lot more advanced now than in the past generation where setting up a meeting could take few days or more than one week because each member should fit it in their schedule before they can commit attendance. A conference cannot be done immediately because there are few people that will not be able to come. As meeting delays can affect the operation I’m glad that scheduling conference is not that hard with audio conferencing services which can give any company a way of meeting up members even without their physical appearance.

When I learned this thing more than three years ago I was really glad because on my past work I always have to communicate with our international suppliers and clients. With this kind of conferencing services meeting up with them is easier as you only have to set the day and time and you’ll all be there. With less time on the conference we’ll assume that there’s more time for the operations side of the business.


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