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>> Friday, February 19, 2010

I’ll be dropping by my daughters’ school later in the afternoon to watch the crowning of Ms. San Juan, a fundraising campaign of the school for their big project in school. I was quite impressed with the one who thought about this contest as you only have to donate one peso coin to your chosen candidate. It’s the minimum donation or contribution and it could be higher than that. There’s no maximum amount as to how many you want to give the candidate and the PTA officers added up a talent portion to make the contest not just a money contest.

Anyway I’ll just peek at the contest later because I was invited by some of the officers there and my kids wanted to watch the coronation also. They were not allowed by us to stay in school after 6pm and I have to be there for them. I would be seeing some of my Mommy friends there and as always we’ll talk about kids, their grades, the candidate for honors on March and some other personal Mom concerns about cooking, dieting, weight loss products, beauty tips, work, business and many more. If you see us in group you’ll be amazed at how we can laugh our worries and problems away. Anyway it’s how you carry it that matters!


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