Stamina in Workout Exercises

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

I passed by a gym workout near to where I have some errands on payment. I’m just surprised at some of the people there who spend several hours of workout exercises without feeling weak. I would also want to spend some time there even on the simple workout machines there but I really don’t have the time. Well I know the benefits of gym exercises because I have witnessed how my office friend’s fat turned to good muscles when she enrolled for six months. She’s on the brink of giving up because she’s too fat to be a bridesmaid and the wedding was just a few months away.

I have monitored her change in eating habits which was demanded by her trainor. She lost her excess pounds in time for the wedding and her body became firm and fit. She told us that some people in the gym always have the stamina to last longer than the required time. I wonder if they’re taking No-Xplode drink mix and if there are no xplode side effects on them. Well I wouldn’t have the chance to know it because my friend is not there anymore.


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