Sensitive Skin

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

My daughter has developed some sensitivity in her feet since she was a toddler and we’re so careful in buying slippers and shoes for her. I always choose the best materials that will ensure non-allergenic properties to protect Ruth from having skin disease on her feet like allergy, eczema and some other results of feet sensitivity.

Now that she’s a big girl already I noticed that she can wear more styles and materials of slippers but still prone to some itchiness when she’s not comfortable with what she’s wearing. I always try to check her feet if it’s too dry or sore because that’s my symptoms that she’s getting allergy or sensitive to some factors. MIL gave me a very good ointment that can cure mild allergies and can be used also on general skin disorders. I hope that she’ll develop a daily regimen of watching on her delicate skin so she can prevent skin disorders on her feet. She’s still a toddler at heart and in her ways sometimes that I still remind her on how to take care of her feet.


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