Relief for my Mom’s Joint Pains

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Mom complains of joint pains because of her arthritis that’s always making its presence known when the weather is very low or when it’s very cold. I always see her putting some herbal oil on affected joints when she’s in pain and in minutes it’s all gone. She even used the same herbal oil on me whenever I suffer from severe backache. My Auntie gave the oil to her several months ago and she said it’s one of the Chinese herbal oil that’s proven to relieve some muscle pains. It can be used also on other sickness that’s why it’s called best herbal oil. Sometimes I’m thinking if it’s better if Mom should have joint supplements that will not only give natural joint pain relief but will help also to improve and strengthen her joints. I’ve already given her vitamins for bones and joints few years back but it didn’t work as it was advertised on television. It’s better to consult doctor before taking any supplement.


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