Connection is Back to Normal

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

I was so glad that finally I was able to work on my PC and connection. The past few days have been a busy day for me in terms of arranging the checkup of my internet connection. My connectivity was intermittent for two weeks but when my provider finally sent their contractor to check on my internet my connection was running perfectly. When the technician showed up I decided to go on with the checkup as it was already scheduled but to my dismay my PC suddenly malfunctioned. I have to reschedule the contractor on the next day leaving me a half day work again. Now the whole evening on that day was spent on repairing my PC who cooperated with me and resumed good operation.

Next morning the contractor was early with their visit and was able to spot the problem with my antenna. As per their findings another internet tower was installed few meters away from mine but directly obstructing my way. Oh well I decided to change its location and finally ended my connection dilemma leaving me half day again to work on my online tasks. My assignments were filing up then and I just hope I’ll have the energy to do blog marathon this morning. Wishes!


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