13 Things I Love About Rain Drizzles

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009


1. I always see drizzles as little blessing from God
2. It give plants enough water to sustain their living
3. It gives a cool temperature
4. It is not a hazard as it's only drizzles
5. It makes my writing good as I love blogging when the weather is cool
6. I can let Josh play on it sometimes
7. It's easy to manage the rain if it's only drizzle
8. It makes me reminisce childhood memories of playing in rainshowers
9. It keeps my flowers bloom with beauty
10. It helps farmers grow their crops especially rice crops
11. I don't need to walk with umbrella as I can manage walking with just my jacket on
12. It's fun eating on such cool temperature
13. I love taking a nap when it's raining......


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