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>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

With the recent widening of the road in our area the road suddenly gets near the house and I have to adjust myself of a narrower space now in our front garden. We’re a little late in our fence and gate reconstruction because the workers that will do the said construction will be available next week. I’ve already canvassed the building materials and the steel gate was already installed so I’ll just have to wait for my brother’s go signal when his workers will be available.

Since our front area is open we’re not so secured with strangers who never seem to get tired of asking for money and making up various reasons why they need to beg. It’s almost an everyday trial to me gauging the person if they’re telling the truth or not, anyway I still give even if the person is dubious.

I’m still hoping that we could get the fence constructed soon as I’m getting worried at night because some garbage scavengers are rounding up at midnight and few of them often manage to steal some construction materials from us. They attack after midnight hours and we have to make sure that we don’t have essential items in our terrace to ensure safety. I’m thinking of adding outdoor lighting in our garden just in case they might be forewarned that they might be seen by passersby. Anyway as I don’t have time to canvass and buy in local stores I’m choosing from the wide selection the has in their site. I’m glad that I can do the shopping at home, very convenient and economical too.

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