Visiting New York’s Best Places

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

My friend who has resigned from our company was doing great in other countries doing some consulting on architectural projects. Once in two months she travels in Asian countries to supervise her projects and to meet her clients abroad. She was very happy with what she’s doing right now as she really wants traveling around places. Now she told me through instant messaging that she’s vacationing in her sister’s house in New York. Her elder sister is a permanent resident there for more than years now and she wanted to see her sisters once in a while. They miss each other as the elder sister seldom visits her family here in the Philippines.

Since my architect friend wanted to enjoy her vacation in the Big Apple she was treated by her sister to New York Sightseeing so she’ll get to see the beautiful views of New York city and its nice attractions. She joined the sightseeing tours of Citysights which offers exciting packages of enjoying museum visits, harbor cruises, helicopter tours, motor coach trips and many more. Believe me she really enjoyed the hop-on, hop-off bus tours they provided. Being an architect by profession and artist by heart led her to seek the lovely sight of magnificent buildings and some of the popular sights there like Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Uptown/Downtown Manhattan City and Top of the Rock. As she told me the places she visited it’s as if I’ve been there to. She’s really having a wonderful vacation because of sightseeing New York’s best places.


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