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>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

My company in my former job deals with contracting services on different field including facsimile and switchboard operations, maintenance of equipment and IT services or any contract that we are qualified to take. I was directly involved in doing bid documents and technical proposals and I’m very much aware that in those proposals that we made the highest percentage was that of the qualifications of our proposed staff. I remember doing bid proposal for all IT Helpdesk operation in one of the prestigious International Bank and they require our proposed personnel to have IT certification for them to give the highest percentage. Not all our proposed personnel have the certification they were looking for so we search for the certified IT personnel for that specific project. That’s how I learned how important certification is for some IT-based position.

Looking back several years ago when we were doing bids the agencies were not so strict in looking for certifications but now you have to line up a qualified and certified IT staff to be able to get high scores in bidding. As I was reading some articles in I was able to learn that K Alliance is now a member of CompTIA’s Network of specialized trainers. Being a member is such a privilege as CompTIA provides certification exams for IT personnel and if you’re a member of their network like k alliance you’ll learn the best way on how to gain knowledge and skills for the students to pass the much sought after IT certifications from CompTIA.

It’s really good being a member as CompTIA’s network as K Alliance’s online classes don’t only give quality and comprehensive education but improves their curriculum as well to be able to gain skills and knowledge on how to pass the very important certifications. With K Alliance’s strict standards and high quality curriculums students will have a great percentage of passing and getting their most wanted IT certification.


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