What You Need to Know About Child Support

>> Thursday, July 11, 2019

Divorce is a difficult time in the lives of the former couple, both emotionally and financially. When children are involved, the situation can quickly spiral into a drawn-out process filled with fighting and the inability to reach a compromise. Among the biggest disagreements is the issue of child support.

Understanding Child Support Laws

The laws surrounding child support differ by state, and can be complicated. For this reason, it is important to consult child support lawyers hernando county fl area if you live in this region of Florida. Gaining legal aid is also useful during circumstances in which one or both parents do not follow through on their financial obligation to properly support their child(ren). Child support laws are specifically designed to ensure the rights of the child to be reasonably cared for by their parents regardless of the family’s living situation and marital status. The legal system has a number of ways to determine the amount owed to the child by their parents.

What to Expect

During the divorce process, the courts will examine a number of factors, including income, health and child care costs, and other basic needs of the child. The number of children in the family is also a consideration. The goal is to preserve the quality of life the child had when their parents were married by providing a fair estimate on the amount of money previously spent on the care and well-being of the child before the divorce. As such, parents with higher incomes are expected to pay higher child support costs.

The number of factors and items over which to fight can be staggering during a divorce. It is an unfortunate fact of life that children are affected by their parents’ divorce, both during the process and in the aftermath. Child support laws are designed to ease the burden on the child and ensure they will continue to be cared for once the divorce is finalized.


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