Three Cool Alternatives To Getting a Degree

>> Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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You are fresh out of high school or just tired of your job and at a crossroads. College and trade schools can be good options but they are pricey and don’t appeal to you. You want something that sounds a little more exciting, something that will motivate you to jump out of bed on workdays. Fortunately, you do have choices.


People tend to associate apprenticeships with industries like construction or dental hygiene but there is much more available than that. Creative industries are rife with apprenticeships where you can become an audio engineer or culinary artist. Audio engineering can lead to a career in the music industry, radio or television broadcasting, sporting events, even the movies. Culinary arts can take you into restaurants, party venues or even around the world on cruise ships.


Working for your dream company may be in reach as long as you are willing to intern first. Many programs are aimed at college students, but not all. Find a workplace that interests you and see if they offer adult intern opportunities; even if no formal program exists you may be able to talk them into creating a place for you. Being an intern gives you lousy pay temporarily, but it gives you training and connections that can help your future permanently. An internship is like an audition. It can land you a leading role at a company that would never have hired you based on your resume.


Determine what you love to do, then figure out a way to monetize it. If you sell the business later the abilities and experience you’ve gained will still pay off. Almost any skill can translate into a business. Private ski instructors often make their whole year’s wages in half a year and are off all summer. An efficient house cleaner can make a week’s wages in just three days, which adds up to four-day weekends all year round.


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