Can’t Find a Job You Love? How to Find What You Lack

>> Sunday, January 22, 2017

You’re far from the only person who doesn’t experience job satisfaction. However, the fact that you’re considering ways to change that means you’re one step ahead of the pack. You’re not satisfied to continue to toil at your current job, but you have no idea how to proceed. What if you waste years and thousands of dollars going back to school only to not be satisfied with that career either? What if you have no idea what kind of career might make you happy? Fortunately, there are ways to discern what it is that’s holding you back and how to go forward.

Ask an Expert

Sign up for specialized career consulting online on your own schedule for as long as you feel you need guidance. The right expert will help you walk through an examination of your talents, interests, and experiences to come up with a viable career path that’s likely to lead to happiness. The expert can then help you break the goal of getting that job down into a step-by-step process and give you the direction and focus you may lack.

Look Over Your Resume

Perhaps you’re already qualified for a job you’d love, but you’re not having luck finding it. The right expert can also help you go over your current cover letter and resume to more accurately reflecting what you could bring to a company and better catch a prospective employer’s eye. It’s a competitive job marketplace, and you need every advantage possible to get the job that will bring you happiness.

Practice Your Interview

If you’ve had several job interviews but no job offers, something might be lacking in your interview skills. Practice job interviews with an expert in career counseling. Consider your answers to some of the most common types of questions so they roll off your tongue naturally when asked. Research the businesses that most interest you so you can ask intelligent questions about a company when in the room. Look also at the way you dress and present yourself and how often you smile and maintain eye contact during an interview. Job satisfaction is not just about finding a career you love, but finding a stable job that pays well and offers competitive benefits. The right guide will help you break down that goal into smaller, more easily achievable goals so you can save money and time. Often, what a person dissatisfied with her job lacks the most is simply direction.


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