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>> Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My work involves administering technical employees in a particular project assigned to us. Since the project is a joint venture of two companies my job requires me to report to both and be responsible for all reports and administration of the whole project. I’m also assigned to submit pertinent data needed for the payroll and do the monthly billing due to our government client.

It’s both an easy and hard work and I’m happy with what I’m doing but at times I need to research and study the things that I’m not familiar with such as figuring where to find a wireless trail camera or making an inventory of survey equipment that I have just seen for the first time. Well everything can be learned just as long as the person is willing and interested so I take every unfamiliar task as a work challenge and in time I know it will broaden my work knowledge. And with every learning experience I go through I’m confident that it will be an added skill on me.


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