The Biggest Little Job

>> Saturday, October 19, 2013

Every office and every business around the world is full of the people with the least glamorous jobs making the biggest difference. Newspapers regularly list the top CEOs from across the globe and list their contributions to their industries. However, it's not just the bigwigs who make the businesses a success: there may not be similar lists of top secretaries and warehouse operatives available but they're just as important.

The real staff who can make or break a business:

1. The receptionist. The first point of contact for most incoming communications, receptionists need to be friendly, quick at making decisions, and effective gatekeepers. Sifting the important post and phone calls from the junk requires an ability to make a quick judgement, especially in popular business where chancers might try to scam their way through to phone calls with important personnel.

2. The personal assistant. A good PA is worth their weight in gold. A walking calendar, a thorough PA will be able to say at a moment's notice the plans for the next six months without a bat of an eyelid. Trusted with finances to book hotels and flights for business trips, an eye for detail is also paramount as a watertight itinerary needs to be guaranteed every time.

3. The apprentice. The new kid on the block often gets short shrift, delegated the crummiest and most meaningless jobs, but this isn't how it should be. Making use of fresh ideas and talent, an apprentice comes enthusiastic and willing. Seeking feedback throughout the training will open insights into how procedures could be run better. And a well-treated apprentice will swiftly become a loyal employee.

4. Accounts department. Keeping tight tabs on the cash flow, accurate and trustworthy accounts staff are invaluable. Ensure they stay happy by keeping the Sage One software up to date and switching to user friendly online accounting and payroll software. Nobody wants to find their wages sabotaged by disgruntled money minders.

5. The cleaners. If you want to avoid norovirus (and who doesn't) be nice to the team of cleaners. It's a tough and usually underappreciated job, so make sure the cleaning staff, and their work, is appreciated. Don't leave your desk in a mess, and if you drop litter pick it up!

Essentially, remember that every member of staff is important and deserves respect. Because if there's anyone there who's not important they shouldn't be on the payroll.


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