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>> Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The company that I work for currently deals with distribution and selling of gateway, IT devices and telecommunication equipment. In view of this we offer our services to companies with business involvement in telecommunications, banking, insurance, call centers, schools and a lot more. It’s actually a good business but we’re just starting up so we’re miles to go before we can succeed in this kind of business. 

Since we’re also offering PABX together with the gateway we’re now thinking of providing another device that will answer all inquiries of prospective clients in real time. So when I saw and learn about medical answering service it gave me an idea on the things we can still add to our products and services. The medical answering service will be a good addition as it will greatly help healthcare customers when they need to know information and want to convey or transfer it. 

Finding the right medical answering service will lead to positive results like what most doctors do. Doctors use this service when they’re off to somewhere and they want an answering service to handle after hour calls which is very important in their field of work because they usually have customers who need their services at unexpected times and hours. 

So if you would need a good medical answering service there are some pointers that you could use. First, if you have the answering device already you don’t need to hire receptionist. Then we have the cost which will be contained. 

You should also consider the technology of the answering services as it should have solutions in identifying the needs of doctors and should come up with customized solutions. The company or call center that provides answering services should be able to provide high quality service that would perfectly suit business’ specific needs and requirements.


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