Value of Using HDMI Splitter

>> Thursday, January 3, 2013

My husband worked for few months in a cable company where he has spent his on-the-job training also. In his few months of working there he learned a lot about cabling, installation of cable to residential homes and some other technical related works. He has finished a degree in electronics and the company called him for work after he has done some training there. The company is good and husband enjoys co-workers and his job but he left his job when we decided that he continue his studies for an education degree.
Anyway his training and skills learned in his cable job is a lot to thank for and he’s sometimes teaching me some of his works like how the cable is installed and some programming works that should be done when doing the work. In our own cable where we’re allowed one connection only we find it very expensive to have a setup like that so we’re looking for a cable company that will allow or provide us a way that we can have a splitter like  1x8 HDMI Splitter wherein we can just have one HDMI source and split it up to eight outputs simultaneously. 

We would really appreciate having a splitter that will allow users to view up to eight duplicates of a single HDMI source. Actually for now we just need two to three outputs but the thought of having eight is just grand especially that the splitter mentioned has a high quality digital reproduction. It’s enclosed in a heavy-duty metal case protecting the parts inside and helping it to remain cool. It’s applicable and just perfect for HD digital signage and video mirroring. Best of all it’s a good savings as you’ll only pay for one source and get the benefit of using 8 sources.


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