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>> Saturday, January 5, 2013

I have always believed that justice always prevails and if you didn’t get fair justice here God will take care of it. There are many cases I know that succeed in its stride but it takes not only months but years before it is resolved especially those worker’s compensation cases which takes around two years before any resolution could be arrived. It takes long before the company always poses an appeal when the employee wins and they will repeat the cycle again. 

I know these things because my friend’s labor case is still running rather long for almost two years now and though she always wins in the resolution there’s always an appeal on the side of the company. I learned that it really takes patience for labor cases but I somehow hope for shorter period when it comes to other cases and surely it takes a good lawyer to speed up case resolution. My friend believes in hiring good lawyers because they have the ability to study and defend the case according to their past experiences like Criminal Lawyer Hartford CT  who has several years of legal experience on handling various cases. 

 The two lawyers in the firm has the knowledge and skills on handling cases involving worker’s compensation, personal injury, family law, criminal, business formation, estate planning and real estate law. Criminal Lawyer Hartford CT  offers free initial consultations and they handle each case personally. For personal injury and workers’ compensation cases you need not pay them until they win the case.


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