Birthday Prep

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My niece’ daughter will have her 3rd birthday soon and she’s now thinking of ideas on how to celebrate it. As early as now she’s canvassing needed party supplies and asking me of a good location. Last year they held it in a popular fast food chain but now they want a different venue. The celebrant is their one and only child and as such they want to give her the best in everything. 

Even then they also want to have as much savings as they could as they’re also building their house in our compound so I suggested them to just celebrate the birthday near our place and try to get wholesale prices on giveaways and some other birthday supply items like Bulk Candy, balloons, invitations, loot bags, prizes and a lot more. Iya is such a darling to us and we want her to enjoy her birthday as well so we’ll help with all the preparations for her forthcoming birthday.


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