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>> Thursday, June 14, 2012

I’m a busy person not just in my office work but in my online writing job. I don’t regret it and actually feel very blessed that God has been giving me plenty of opportunities to earn not just on my career but through my hobby of writing. I’ve been blogging since 2007 and have resigned from a 16-year old job to work full time on my sites at home. Writing has earned me a living more than what I gained from my former regular work and for two years I enjoy being a work -at-home Mom. A year ago I was given an opportunity too good to resist working again in an office and since then I started a dual work again-that of my corporate and my online work. 

Working is an enjoyable thing for me it’s just that I began missing my workout which regains my strength to face daily challenges in life. Life should be handled with careful maintenance not just on managing household but on living a healthy lifestyle too. Now I’m trying to lose excess pounds through being a half-vegetarian and tries to be more disciplined in sleeping early at night. I also want to go back to work out if time will permit and hope to be fit and strong again. Some of my male friends who were bigger than me have great results from enrolling in a gym workout. They have built their goals of gaining strength and building up muscles to achieve a leaner and fit physique. 

 They finally found discipline in their being and try to follow what their exercise program instructs them. They’re actually excited about old friends seeing them as a different person now. Well for others it’s not that easy to do that as lack of time and discipline won’t allow them to achieve better physique so they just resort to taking supplements like that of bodybuildingfactory body supplements. With the help of these supplements they can achieve muscle growth and gain strength faster. Combined with regular workout and proper diet it can bring them healthier body with a muscled physique that will define their built. With a super fit and healthy look they will be more confident and effective at work.


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