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>> Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My first job was involved in manufacturing electronics products specifically transformers used in computers. I’ve rounded several areas in the production of transformers including header assembly, tin dipping, varnishing, manual assembly, labeling, testing and soldering very thin wires just the size of human hairs. I love my job then as it’s also a part of my finished degree and because I learned a lot from it. I learned how each component of computers are made and assembled.

I also got some skills from working there as I became so fast and accurate in every work that I do. The company I worked with was an international company and they used quality products in every component that we make including the alloy that we used to join wires and components together. I just don’t know if we have this SN100C, a newly innovated lead-free alloy that is guaranteed to produce high quality electronic gadgets and appliances. When you used this kind of alloy you’ll not only get high productivity but cost savings as well.


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